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AREA 52 - North Dakota Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Directory

This list includes only meetings that are recognized by the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous. There may be other meetings in your area that are not listed here.
All meetings are in North Dakota, unless another state is indicated.
Unless otherwise noted, meetings are closed, non-smoking and NOT disability-accessible. Many non-smoking meetings provide outdoor smoking areas; a "smoking" meeting allows smoking during part or all of the actual group meeting.

If you are a GSR or DCM you can submit meetings or meeting changes here.

District 08 - Dickinson and surrounding area

Hotline Number - 701-264-7552

If you are unable to locate an AA meeting on this list/site to meet your needs, check the Web sites for the following bordering AA Areas: Area 40 in Montana on the west, and Area 63 in South Dakota on the south.

11:00 amSunday Morning Group (Open ) , disability accessible
 Gate City Bank
 204 Sims St, Dickinson

3:00 pmOpen View (Open ) , disability accessible
 Abbey Cafeteria
 418 3rd Ave West, Richardton

7:30 pmDaily Reflections
 St. Johns Episcopal Ch
 822 5th Ave. W, Dickinson

7:00 pmPrimary Purpose
 St. John's Episcopal Ch
 822 5th Ave. W, Dickinson

7:00 pmKilldeer AA
 St. John's Lutheran
 300 Central Av, Killdeer

8:00 pmHome Improvement
 702 NW 2 St, Bowman

8:00 pmNew England AA
 Memorial Hall
 925 Main, New England

12:00 noonBrown Baggers (closed )
 St Johns Episcopal Church
 822 5th Ave West, Dickinson

8:00 pmQueen City AA
  New Hope Church of the Nazarene
  706 5th Ave SW (use back door), Dickinson

8:00 pmBelfield AA (Open last Tues of month )
 506 NE 2 Av, Belfield

12:00 noonNew England (Closed ) , disability accessible
 Big Book Study
 Memorial Hall
 925 Main Street (Basement), New England

8:00 pmWednesday Topic Meeting
 St. John's Episcopal
 822 5th Ave. W, Dickinson

6:30 pmNew Freedom Group (Open last Thur. of month ) , disability accessible
 Peace Luth. Ch.
 1550 21st St. W, Dickinson

8:00 pmBig Book Study, disability accessible
 Big Bk mtg
 Gate City Bank
 204 Sims St (North door, basement), Dickinson

8:00 pmScranton AA
 Peace Lutheran Ch
 401 N Main St, Scranton

8:00 pmOpen AA Meeting (open ) , disability accessible
 St. Josephs Hospital
 2500 Fairway St, Dickinson

09:30 amSaturday Morning Live (Closed ) , disability accessible
 Peace Lutheran Church
 1550 21st St West, Dickinson

7:30 pmSaturday Night AA
 St. John's Episcopal
 822 5th Ave. W, Dickinson