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AREA 52 - North Dakota Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Directory

This list includes only meetings that are recognized by the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous. There may be other meetings in your area that are not listed here.
All meetings are in North Dakota, unless another state is indicated.
Unless otherwise noted, meetings are closed, non-smoking and NOT disability-accessible. Many non-smoking meetings provide outdoor smoking areas; a "smoking" meeting allows smoking during part or all of the actual group meeting.

If you are a GSR or DCM you can submit meetings or meeting changes here.

District 12 - Devils Lake and surrounding area

Meeting Number - 701-739-9266

If you are unable to locate an AA meeting on this list/site to meet your needs, check the Web site for the following bordering AA Area: Area 80 in Manitoba to the north.

no meetings

no meetings

7:00 pmRolla AA
 12 Steps/Traditions mtg
 Our Saviors Lutheran Ch
 609 NE 9 Av, Rolla

8:00 pmLake Region AA, disability accessible
 Hope Center
 313 3rd St NE, Devils Lake

7:00 pmLakota Serenity (Open )
 Lakota Lutheran Ch
 416 3rd St W, Lakota

7:00 pmRed Road Group of AA (Open )
 LR Public Libary
 423 7th St. NE, Devils Lake
 Meeting based on 12 Step of AA, utilizes Native American Spirituality

no meetings

7:30 pmCan-Do A.A. Group (Open ) , disability accessible
 Cando Lutheran Church
 310 5th Ave, Cando

8:00 pmHarvey AA
 1st Lutheran Ch
 1520 Advent St (Basement), Harvey

8:00 pmFriday Night Northside (Open mtg last Fri of month )
 St. Olaf Lutheran Ch.
 601 6 St & 6 Av (Use north door), Devils Lake

8:00 pmSaturday Night (Open )
 United Methodist Ch
 601 5 St, Devils Lake